Synergia Group donated 10.000 masks


In order to contribute to national solidarity efforts, Synergia Group, which includes the companies Glass1989, Karol and Ceramica Artigiana, has already donated 10,000 masks and plans to distribute 15,000 more to corporations and structures that are daily engaged in the front line in the fight against Covid19. "We considered it essential to give our support to structures of excellence, which find themselves working daily under emergency conditions, committing themselves for the health of their patients"  declared Stefano Boccalon, President of the Group.

Support was given to various local institutions, both in Veneto – nursing homes and social health care facilities that support disabled children - and in Tuscany, where the masks were delivered to the Emergency Department and Civil Protection for local redistribution. In this difficult situation Synergia Group wants to send a message of solidarity and hope, in order to look to the future with confidence,  trusting that we will come back together stronger than before.